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Smart Buildings. An intelligent business proposition

Technology leads the development and optimization of smart buildings, providing building occupants and owners with better information on energy management considerations and other installed smart systems.

The Smart Building capability will be an extension of our personal behavioural characteristics from the moment we leave our homes in the morning to attend work, we will have the capability to be connected to an ever-mobile work environment.

The main issue facing smart buildings is that the traditional way for building is so ingrained into the way developments are done. The introduction of new thinking and change is often viewed as “risky” or “overly complicated”. In actual fact, simple changes such as installing a fibre cabling backbone, instead of multiple discrete networks using copper cable, is enough to allow bandwidth and capacity to take on more intelligent systems in future.

We are Enabling Smart Building Technology one project at a time

Our skilled connectivity experts have been finding and creating clever and robust solutions for complex connectivity challenges for more than 25 years. With more than 100 staff in offices across Australia, Madison Technologies is on hand to source, design and manufacture for tomorrow's well connected world.

Developers, Consultants and Engineers choose a Madison Smart Building Network Infrastructure solution to access experience and expert advice coupled with reliable, cost effective hardware from trusted brands.

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