A new experience in Installed Sound

Yamaha has had more than a century of experience in musical instrument manufacture, as well as extensive experience in processing and delivering quality sound. Industry-leading electronics technologies developed at their R&D facilities are used and highly valued by distinguished engineers in commercial and professional audio applications worldwide. That same background and dedication is the reason why Commercial Installation Solutions was established by Yamaha, giving customers sound that is ideally tailored to their individual needs.

Yamaha's Commercial Installation Solutions are designed to help deliver ideal sound in commercial spaces. A speaker system combined with an appropriate simple or smart solution can provide the perfect balance of performance and functionality.  By combining a unique streamlined overall approach to installed sound, with acclaimed product reliability their product lineup benefits everyone at each stage of the installation process, from installers and contractors, to investors and owners.

Their Commercial  Installation products offer significant improvements in convenience as well as safety. These products offer a new experience, as well as total satisfaction for everyone involved in the design and implementation of installed sound systems.

Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions 

Processors & Software

Designed primarily for multi-zone commercial installations, MTX & MRX  Series matrix processors are equipped with powerful and flexible processing functions, which forms the heart of your commercial installation sound solution.
  MTX/MRX Editor and ProVisionaire Touch  software allows you to configure, program & manage your MTX/MRX processors with simplicity and ease.



VXS and VXC series speakers have been optimized specifically for commercial sound applications, with accurate sound inspired by our long history of musical instrument production. Featuring both ceiling and surface mount options, these speaker series are available in either black or white, or can be painted to match the interior of any application.


MA/PA and XMV series amplifiers are at the heart of Yamaha's CIS range. The MA series is a stylish mixer amplifier that is easily scalable by adding a PA series power amplifier. XMV Series multi-channel power amplifiers combine Class-D efficiency and is a perfect match for the MTX Series processor.

Commercial Installation Solutions' Key Values

Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) are based on the six key values outlined below. They believe in the importance of these values for the installation market and are constantly working to ensure that they are demonstrated in every Yamaha product.

Reliability - All Yamaha products undergo rigorous testing at every stage of their development in order to meet the highest standards of reliability and endurance. Only the best quality component parts are used in Yamaha's products— each of them subject to detailed analysis before and after extensive testing.

Simplicity - Yamaha offers a comprehensive range of installed sound products that possess superior sound and performance characteristics, yet reduce the amount of resources that would normally go into designing, installing and configuring such a system.

Flexibility - Their lineup of commercial installation products offers numerous advantages by providing flexible features that reduce the number of components required to configure a system and ensure that it meets the specific demands of any commercial environment.

Expandability -  Based on Yamaha's extensive experience in sound reinforcement and larger installations, their CIS lineup features several expandability options, adding more input/output capability and functionality to accommodate a wider range of applications.

Yamaha Quality - Yamaha has a proven track record for providing both industry leading AV products for the consumer market and are now offering the proven assurance of Yamaha sound quality in a whole new range of installation applications.

Efficiency - at a time when the world faces issues such as climate change, rising costs and diminishing resources, a reduction in power consumption represents a significant benefit, both in cost and in environmental impact. For this reason, Yamaha's CIS products offer a range of innovative features aimed specifically at lowering power consumption.

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