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On today's crowded towers, Size Matters.

3M™ Slim Lock Closures are compact weatherproofing devices for small spaces.

3M™ Slim Lock closures are the ideal solution for high density RF connections. They are particularly suited for installations on mobile phone towers where connections are exposed to weather and other elements such as birds.

The innovate, one-handed closures are reusable, re-enterable and tool-less, making them a time saving, cost effective solution for the telecommunications industry.

They can be used at RF connection points on both the antenna and remote radio unit (RRU) in a fibre to the antenna (FTTA) installation.

Saving money...Makes sense to us!

3M™ Weatherproofing Film Wrap Saves time and money waterproofing connections in hard to reach places.

3M™ Weatherproofing Film Wrap simplify cable management, weatherproof sensitive connections, and enable quick and easy installation, leading to reduced operating costs and improved network reliability.

3M™ Weatherproofing Film Wrap (WFW) provides weatherproofing for radio frequency (RF) connections at cell sites. Made from a 3M film with a double-sided adhesive, 3M WFW is installed by stretching and overlaying the 3M WFW on top of itself, in a spiral fashion, from the coax cable on to the connector bulkhead or connector neck.

Your connection is safe with us.

3M™ Tower Dome Terminal is a sealed dome terminal for tower or rooftop applications.

The new compact 3M™ Tower Dome Terminal simplify cable management, weatherproof sensitive connections, and enable quick and easy installation, leading to reduced operating costs and improved network reliability.

3M™ Tower Dome Terminal offer solutions for fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) cabling configurations commonly used in advanced 3G and LTE/4G networks, including trunked fiber cables, power cables and hybrid cables. The terminals are used at the cell site where fiber and power feeder cables connect to the jumper cables leading to remote radio units (RRUs).

The plug-and-play External Cable Assembly Module (ECAM) system, exclusive to 3M, enables fast, craft-friendly installation and sealing. The system allows cables to be prepared for installation on the ground at the cell site and/or factory. On the tower, the ECAM plugs containing the cables simply snap into the terminal ports, so the tower hand spends less time in the air performing cumbersome tasks, such as sealing and strain-relieving cable ports.

This compact terminal closure requires no special tools, allowing for ease of installation and re-entry

The terminal's modular design allows the addition of optional surge protectors or power terminal blocks, enhancing system flexibility. The product family can accommodate up to 12 RRUs.The terminal's small, sturdy mounting bracket and low-profile design help reduce tower loading and further simplify installation.

Madison Technologies.  25 years of smart technology solutions

Madison Technologies is a respected industry leader with a 25-year track record of delivering the very best products, services and solutions for the cabling, networking, wireless, telecommunications and audio visual sectors.Our skilled connectivity experts have been finding and creating clever and robust solutions for complex connectivity challenges for more than 25 years.With more than 100 staff in offices across Australia, Madison Technologies is on hand to source, design and manufacture for tomorrow's well connected world.

For over 25 years, Madison Technologies has been delivering carrier-grade networks for communities and businesses that want technology built to last. Madison delivers all the technology and support you need to create a simple, effective, scalable Building Network Infrastructure all in the one place.

We have grown as a major 3M™ distributor within Australia and have worked with numerous large organisations with their 3M™ product needs.

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