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3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway is a surface-mount, adhesive backed indoor drop cable and cable pathway system installed simultaneously in one pass around the perimeter of a multi dwelling unit (MDU) hallway.

3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway is suitable for network operators deploying fiber-to-the-premise networks (FTTP). It enables them to easily install voice, data and video services to building tenants in brownfield applications.

3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway offers many advantages over existing pathway solutions:

  • It has a lower profile than existing horizontal pathways used in MDU applications (i.e. crown moulding and moulded plastic raceways) and because it’s flexible, it conforms easily to curved, settled hallway walls frequently found in older MDUs.
  • Sharing cable pathways with competition (i.e. CATV) is not possible and provides greater network security.
  • The cable pathway (duct) and drop cables (900µm fibers pre-populated inside the duct) are installed in one pass around the perimeter of the hallway, helping to save the service provider time and money
  • Final drop cable connection time is decreased, helping improve the end customer installation experience.
  • A test access point is pre-positioned outside each living unit; entry to the living unit is no longer needed to test the drop cable from the terminal

3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway has a multitude of advantages

Lower Installation Costs

The 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway hallway solution enables one crew to install one floor of fiber in just one pass. For up to 35% in savings. Each floor.

Labor costs are reduced dramatically because there's no need for expensive fusion splicing, crown molding or ductwork construction.

With One Pass, the adhesive-backed indoor drop cables and cable pathway are installed simultaneously. It's fast, easy and aesthetically pleasing.

Discrete Surface Mount Solution

A low profile, flexible, seamless aesthetically pleasing solution that in unobstructive and virtaully unseen.

The One Pass Hallway solution is small (about the width of a pencil), flexible, paintable and blends with the wall surface.

The new 3M™ One Pass Mini is even smaller. In fact, it's so small it's virtually invisible.

Quick Installation

Both 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathways use exclusive 3M™ adhesive technology to provide a strong, durable bond between the product and wall surface.

There's no need for labor-intensive ductwork or crown molding and thus no need for noisy saws, hammers or staples.

So tenant disturbances are kept to a minimum, with installation being noise and dust minimal.


3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway can be purchased with SC/APC connectors factory terminated on one end.

This allows for plug-and-play installation of the duct in a fiber distribution terminal (FDT) located in a riser closet or stairwell at the end of the hall.

Solution Comparison

Current Method vs. One Pass Fiber Pathway

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Madison Technologies is a respected industry leader with a 25-year track record of delivering the very best products, services and solutions for the cabling, networking, wireless, telecommunications and audio visual sectors.Our skilled connectivity experts have been finding and creating clever and robust solutions for complex connectivity challenges for more than 25 years.With more than 100 staff in offices across Australia, Madison Technologies is on hand to source, design and manufacture for tomorrow's well connected world.

For over 25 years, Madison Technologies has been delivering carrier-grade networks for communities and businesses that want technology built to last. Madison delivers all the technology and support you need to create a simple, effective, scalable Building Network Infrastructure all in the one place.

We have grown as a major 3M™ One Pass distributor within Australia and have worked with numerous large organisations with their 3M™ One Pass needs.

3M™ One Pass... ...ideal for a multitude of applications

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